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forgotten my renewal

hi, i know this is more of a migration community.... but i am tearing my hair out worrying, so i have to ask.

i am a student in University of Canberra. Some where in december, amidst all the work i was doing and a pile of mess in my room, i misplaced my passport and got too busy to remember to renew my visa. although, in my mind, i knew that it ends in december, i also thought that since it's an official document, it should end at the close of the month.

by the time i found the passport, it was 10th jan, and suddenly, i realised it was 2nd of december that my student visa expired in. i was asked to attempt to renew my visa offshores, and not only that, i would have to seek a waiver of the 3 year no-temp-visa penalty due to my breach of the visa. it didn't sound half as serious initially, and by now it seems to be going downhill. i came home, and none of the people were pleasant and i was basically told if the principal migration officer doesn't find any compassionate reasons for me to stay, he will enforce the 3 year penalty.

have anyone been through this and knows if it's going to be ok? what should i write in my letter of appeal? i mean, how do you try and convince someone that i geniunely meant no harm and really want to stay because i love Australia that much? i geniunely forgot. Australia's pretty much home now, coming home is so weird, and not knowing if i can go back is scary. i intend to migrate too - i am guessing this will be something bad in cosideration for my migration?

thanks in advance.

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