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Is it easier or harder to get visas as a family unit?

My fiancee is Australian and I am planning to move there after I complete my degree, possibly as a student at first. My parents apparently have been discussing the eventual departure and asked me today how I felt about them going too.

We are all adults in good health, my parents are in their early 60's. They have a comfortable retirement income from my dad's two pensions; their house is paid off and worth a signifigant sum. Would it be beneficial for us to pool our resources and skill sets to better our chances of a (relatively) speedy visa? They want to wait until my grandmothers pass on (in their late 80s but still quite healthy) but they are serious. We were a military family, my parents will handle moving to another country at their age well - and they do plan to make visits before deciding on what area they would like to relocate to.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience similar to this?

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