glamourpuss (glamourpuss74) wrote in wantingaus,

Work Sponsorship.

I lived in Sydney for 3 years, when my company transferred me out there. Being that company folded, I lost my job and work visa at that time.

Has anyone had any luck searching for a job and getting sponsorship? How do you approach the companies about this? What are your recommendations? Do you say something on the resume? In the cover letter? I would guess it is best to live in Australia at the time of this search, but I would like to know if anyone has done this successfully (or unsuccessfully) from his or her country of origin.

I would like to hear your stories. And if you know of others who are not on LJ who would be willing to share their stories, please say something in the comments and I will add my e-mail so I can be contacted directly.

I am over 30 so getting a skilled-level visa is near impossible with my skills, so I would like to find a company to sponsor this computer geek.

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