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Byron Bay

Anyone here familiar with Byron Bay or the surrounding area?

I'm an Aussie from Sydney, been living in London, UK for 6 years and looking to move home but rather up north. The counter culture scene in Byron Bay is particularly attractive to me.

I'm just wondering if there are many students/young people there and what the rent/job scene is like.
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Work Sponsorship.

I lived in Sydney for 3 years, when my company transferred me out there. Being that company folded, I lost my job and work visa at that time.

Has anyone had any luck searching for a job and getting sponsorship? How do you approach the companies about this? What are your recommendations? Do you say something on the resume? In the cover letter? I would guess it is best to live in Australia at the time of this search, but I would like to know if anyone has done this successfully (or unsuccessfully) from his or her country of origin.

I would like to hear your stories. And if you know of others who are not on LJ who would be willing to share their stories, please say something in the comments and I will add my e-mail so I can be contacted directly.

I am over 30 so getting a skilled-level visa is near impossible with my skills, so I would like to find a company to sponsor this computer geek.


Is it easier or harder to get visas as a family unit?

My fiancee is Australian and I am planning to move there after I complete my degree, possibly as a student at first. My parents apparently have been discussing the eventual departure and asked me today how I felt about them going too.

We are all adults in good health, my parents are in their early 60's. They have a comfortable retirement income from my dad's two pensions; their house is paid off and worth a signifigant sum. Would it be beneficial for us to pool our resources and skill sets to better our chances of a (relatively) speedy visa? They want to wait until my grandmothers pass on (in their late 80s but still quite healthy) but they are serious. We were a military family, my parents will handle moving to another country at their age well - and they do plan to make visits before deciding on what area they would like to relocate to.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience similar to this?

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forgotten my renewal

hi, i know this is more of a migration community.... but i am tearing my hair out worrying, so i have to ask.

i am a student in University of Canberra. Some where in december, amidst all the work i was doing and a pile of mess in my room, i misplaced my passport and got too busy to remember to renew my visa. although, in my mind, i knew that it ends in december, i also thought that since it's an official document, it should end at the close of the month.

by the time i found the passport, it was 10th jan, and suddenly, i realised it was 2nd of december that my student visa expired in. i was asked to attempt to renew my visa offshores, and not only that, i would have to seek a waiver of the 3 year no-temp-visa penalty due to my breach of the visa. it didn't sound half as serious initially, and by now it seems to be going downhill. i came home, and none of the people were pleasant and i was basically told if the principal migration officer doesn't find any compassionate reasons for me to stay, he will enforce the 3 year penalty.

have anyone been through this and knows if it's going to be ok? what should i write in my letter of appeal? i mean, how do you try and convince someone that i geniunely meant no harm and really want to stay because i love Australia that much? i geniunely forgot. Australia's pretty much home now, coming home is so weird, and not knowing if i can go back is scary. i intend to migrate too - i am guessing this will be something bad in cosideration for my migration?

thanks in advance.

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Migration to Australia

Would you like to live in Australia?  It might be easier than you think.

Email Michael Geller to receive a free assessment of your chances to gain Australian citizenship.  You can communicate in either English, Hebrew or Russian.

Michael Geller is an experienced Australian lawyer and registered Migration Agent (MARA No: 0534590).

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\o/ Flying soon

I'm finally getting my first taste of real Australia at the end of the month - a week and a half in Brisbane! Not as much time as I'd like - but it's a start. I'm going to take my CV for the hell of it and see if I can at least meet some people who might help later on when things get closer.

Anyone who's there or been there recommend anything fun?
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backpacking website

If you were looking for something in a backpacking website for people travelling around Australia, what would it be?

What are you most needing in terms of information?
What is not available elsewhere?
What would make you look at a backpacking site?

Any information on this would be great as I am in the early stages of developing said website.